Thanksgiving Leftovers: Gluten-Free Edition

Posted On: November 19, 2014

Ah, the Thanksgiving feast. After the last drop of gravy is mopped up with forkfuls of mashed potatoes and every lingering speck of marshmallow-topped yam is herded onto determined spoons, you recline full-to-bursting, top pant button undone, languishing and wondering – as we all do – what you’re going to eat tomorrow.

It’s the great Leftovers Paradox.

Many would probably agree (no pressure) that the second best part of Thanksgiving – after the smorgasbord of fresh, lovingly prepared foods – is the chance to enjoy them all over again the next day. And the day after that. For many, this means turkey sandwiches or piles of stuffing loaded down with the dredges of grandma’s cranberry sauce. But for celiacs or the gluten intolerant, a little creativity may be called for. While there’s nothing wrong with eating your leftovers as-is, sometimes one or two day old turkey and potatoes could use a little finesse. And stuffing… well, that may never have been a part of your feast in the first place.

Thankfully (see what we did there), we love getting creative with gluten-free foods. Join us, gentle reader, as we figure out how to make the most of your Thanksgiving excess.

The Turkey

Pause for a moment and imagine the perfect marriage of your two favorite food groups: Thanksgiving turkey and pizza. All it takes is one of our gluten-free flatbreads plus an even coat of leftover cranberry sauce, shredded turkey, and a sprinkling of fresh chevre. Pop it in the oven to get brown and bubbly… and voila! Could we get one of those right now, please?

Miss the old “turkey sandwich” stand-by? You can also slice our flatbread and use it as a panini. This is perfect for a killer turkey banh mi or turkey cubano sammie. Bon Appetit shows you how to make both right here. There’s also a quick how-to for a majorly delicious turkey burrito that would be perfect for our gluten-free tortillas!

Seeking a more traditional comfort food solution? This turkey and butternut squash soup is perfection and this low-fat white chili is ideal for effortless crockpot cooking!

Of course, after a marathon of eating, we can understand if you’re craving something on the lighter side. Don’t hesitate to add turkey and a dollop of cranberry sauce to a salad. Add walnuts, scallions, and your choice of cheese to really take it up a notch. You can also give this gorgonzola and fennel-spiked Warm Winter Salad a go if you prefer your greens with a little more bite!

Mashed Potatoes

You don’t really HAVE to get creative with mashed potatoes, but assuming you’re out of gluten-free gravy it can be nice to add a little sum’n, sum’n to make your second-day taters more exciting. How ’bout having them for breakfast?

Seriously! Make an amazing post-Thanksgiving brunch using mashed potatoes as the base for some eggs bennie. We think this recipe for Tarragon Mashed Potato, Ham, & Eggs Benedict looks stellar, but we do recommend making your own Hollandaise from scratch rather than a package. Don’t be daunted! It’s easier than it sounds. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for Hollandaise, courtesy of her highness Martha Stewart.

You can also indulge in this comfort food double-whammy: mashed potato soup! The potatoes act as a natural thickener, so no flour substitutions necessary. Just good, old fashioned liquid-baked-potato yumminess.

Last but not least, for sheer awesomeness’ sake, we also have to include this recipe for Halibut Pot Pie. Hello, mashed potato crust?! It will work with any fish, really, and although it calls for all-purpose flour, will work just fine with any gluten-free thickening agent of your choosing.

Sweet Potatoes

Where do we start? How about with Gluten-Free Goddess’ turkey & sweet potato enchiladas! Not only does it incorporate double the leftovers, but there’s pineapple, roasted green chilies AND spicy jack cheese. This sounds like a win-win-win-win to us. Similarly, if south-of-the-border flavor isn’t to your liking, you can toss your leftover ‘taters into this creamy, gluten-free sweet potato pasta sauce recipe.

Neither of these lighting your fire? Get breakfast-y with this recipe for gluten-free sweet potato and corn waffles!

Green Beans

Assuming you didn’t go with a gluten-free version of the popular casserole, some seasoned green bean leftovers make a beautiful addition to a salad, like this Nouveau Nicoise from Eating Well.

Did manage to track down a great gluten-free cream of mushroom soup recipe and take the casserole route? Good for you! We bet it was delicious. And those delicious leftovers are perfect for these cheesy mini green bean casserole frittatas. Serve them for brunch or keep them on hand for lunches when you unwillingly return to work.

You can also toss them on top of some freshly baked potatoes to make a greener version of these equally delicious looking Thanksgiving leftover potato skins. Just top with some cheese to keep everything in place!

Finally, if you’re an experienced cook who is comfortable adapting recipes on the fly, you can also try dumping your leftover casserole straight into your favorite soup recipe, making it a creamier, more delicious version of itself.

Well, that’s that! We’d say you’ve got plenty on your plate to try (pun intended), but if your favorite leftovers recipe is one you’re just dying to share, put it in the comments below! And if you found yourself in need of great gluten-free recipes to begin with, check out our previous post on Thanksgiving. We’re a little biased, but we think the holiday-perfect recipes and life-simplifying cooking tips you’ll find there could certainly come in handy all winter long!

Good luck! And happy holidays.

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