Super Bowl: Going Gluten-Free

Posted On: February 1, 2017

The Big Game approaches! How are you placing your bets?

Even if you’re unsure which team to root for, one thing is clear: your choice of gluten-free eats should be festive, delicious, and enticing to both celiac and wheat-eating revelers alike. Hey, no problem with a few savvy resources, right?

Have we mentioned our middle name is “savvy?”

Enter as ye will, gluten-free friends, and behold the mouthwatering array of tummy-safe Super Bowl recipes we have compiled herein for your enjoyment. They’re guaranteed to make your viewing party a total TOUCHDOWN (sorry, had to get that one out of our system).

Keep it simple!

The Super Bowl is a great occasion to gather and graze as a large group while cheering on your favorite team. But that also means a lot of food will need to be prepared to sustain 4+ hours of milling around the buffet table.

Don’t over-think things. While impressing people with thoughtfully prepared bites of gluten-free crackers topped with duck confit sounds exciting, when the big day arrives you may (probably) find yourself overwhelmed. There is NO SHAME in deferring to a classic 7-layer dip.

To that end, check out this fantastic listicle of 41 guilt-free (bonus!) Super Bowl Snacks as well as our previous blog post about enjoying holiday celebrations. The cocktail and snack recipes included are perfect throughout the season! Or, if you prefer to have everything mapped out from the get-go, take a moment to peep at Gluten-Free On A Shoestring’s complete gluten-free Super Bowl menu.

For a slightly smaller affair where you can afford to take a little extra time (without going overboard), we refer you to Saveur’s list of gluten-free Super Bowl snacks. Note that #5 would be perfect (and even easier) with our heat-and-serve gluten-free flatbread!

Do you have folks with more than one allergy in your party?

Go Paleo. While for many this sounds restrictive on a day typically reserved for things stuffed with cheese and then topped with more cheese, this protein-centric approach actually works very nicely. What’s more American than meat wrapped in more meat? Go team!

There are, of course, a number of vegetarian (nay, vegan even) recipes that fall under the Paleo umbrella as well. Guacamole, sweet potato fries, and roasted cauliflower “poppers” for starters.

Check out this great list of 18 Paleo Super Bowl Recipes for Dairy- and Gluten-Free Fans, complete with everything from bacon-wrapped beef franks to dairy-free chocolate-covered pecan pie balls!

Is the party out of your hands?

There’s a solid chance you aren’t directly involved in planning the day’s celebration and that your host is the type to leave you to your own gluten-free devices. That’s okay. Rather than throw up your hands and resign yourself to filling up on hard cider and corn chips, read up on these simple tips to help you survive the Super Bowl gluten-free.

The final touch: drinks, drinks and drinks

Okay, so you don’t have to drink during the Super Bowl. That’s totally okay. That said, it’s a popular pastime on this particular day, so if you choose to imbibe it doesn’t hurt to have a variety of options besides an often debatable selection of gluten-free beers.

Either way you go, check out our post on sipping throughout the holidays. It’s got alcoholic and non-alcoholic options alike, all attuned to the flavors of the season. February is, afterall, still winter.

Thanks for reading! We would love for you to share your favorite gluten-free party snack in the comments below. Happy watching, super fans!

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