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Posted On: July 2, 2015

As if summer wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, our favorite red, white, and blue holiday brings out all the best parts of the sunny season: barbecues, popsicles, family, friends, and fireworks. With so much to look forward to, why get bogged down by the nitty, gritty, gluten-free of it all?

In this post we’ll be sharing some amazing celiac-friendly recipes for patriotic treats in our favorite trio of hues. Let’s dive in shall we?

The Classics

There’s nothing wrong with taking your favorite stand-bys and adding a little food coloring. If it ain’t broke, right?

Try putting a twist on that ol’ gluten-free go-to, the rice krispie treat, with this clever trick for layering ‘em up into little American flags. You can also go a more chocolatey route (yes, please) with this recipe for red, white, and blue Tie-Dyed Fudge, or these adorably dipped Star Spangled Strawberries.

If you want to delve deeper into some American classics (*ahem* APPLE PIE) that have been tweaked to be safe to eat without sacrificing all their fundamental flavors, check out our previous post on cooking for your gluten-free Independence Day!

With a Healthy Twist

Okay, so you don’t want to totally step outside the box, but perhaps you prefer your red, white, and blue with a side of not-so-bad-for-you. We get it. And as it happens, you can certainly do it all deliciously.

Summer fruits lend themselves oh-so well to a number of yummy treats. And wouldn’t you know, most of them are red and blue to begin with! Play around with these Paleo, Gluten-Free, & Vegan recipes from the Unconventional Baker. There’s a ton of variety, and all of them cut out a lot of the more high-carb, high-calorie ingredients. Hello, Lavender-Berry Parfaits with Coconut Cream…

You can also snag that summer classic, ye olde watermelon, and make it into something extra special. Like these No-Bake Watermelon “Cupcakes” or this scrumptious looking Patriotic Watermelon Pizza.

Or, if you prefer your desserts with serious chill-factor, take a stab at these Red, White, & Blueberry Popsicles. But if that isn’t enough to tickle your tastebuds, our blog post on cold summer treats is truly the bee’s knees. Can you really turn down blood orange, prosecco & thyme sorbet? It’s okay, you’re only human.

Totally Decadent

Let’s be real: this is a holiday. So why not give yourself permission to go big? Blow your backyard barbecue guests away with a grande-sized showstopper sure to let freedom ring!

Our personal suggestions: The Culinary Life’s truly American-sized, 3-tier chocolate cake with fresh berries and agave-vanilla whipped cream, this Flourless Blackberry-Chocolate Cake topped with all the best summer fruits, from nectarines to cherries or our very own recipe for a Red, White & Blue Parfait topped with Glutenfreeda’s delicious granola.

Sound good?

Ready. Set. Celebrate.

Red, White & Blue Granola Parfaits

Red, White & Blue Granola Parfaits


  • 1 cup blueberries
  • Two 8 ounce cartons of yogurt or for a more dessert parfait use vanilla ice cream
  • 1 peeled and sliced banana
  • 1 cup strawberries, sliced
  • 1 cup Glutenfreeda Cranberry Cashew Granola
  • 1/2 cup whipped cream (optional)


Place a layer of blueberries in 4 parfait glasses. Divide equally the ingredients among the four parfait glasses in the following order: Blueberries, yogurt, bananas, yogurt, strawberries and top with Glutenfreeda granola. If you are feeling rather indulgent top with a dollop of whipped cream!

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