Introducing New Products From Glutenfreeda by Lilly B’s!

Posted On: March 6, 2018

Hey, gluten-free family… how are you? Hungry? Longing for expanded food options? Wishing for soft breads and flavorful fillings? Dreaming of grab-and-go items that aren’t just made in a dedicated facility, but organic, dairy-free, vegetarian and non-GMO to boot?

You’re going to love this post.

Since becoming part of the Lilly B’s family of organic, natural foods, we’ve been inside the Glutenfreeda Test Kitchen up in our home town of Burlington, WA noodling on new, delicious ways to bring dependable, quality foods to our gluten-free friends.

We may be biased, but we think we nailed it.

From oatmeal to flatbread, we’re introducing an exciting range of new flavors, and if you happen to be attending Expo West 2018, you’ll be the first to taste them!

(Allergen-free foods! Allergen-free foods as far as the eye can see…) 

For those who don’t know, “Natural Products Expo West” is an annual convention in Anaheim that happens to be the world’s largest natural and organic products trade show! How exciting is that? An entire event dedicated to learning about – and trying out – the latest and greatest in healthy lifestyle products including allergen-free grocery products, baby food, baked goods, breads, bottled waters, canned goods, chips, cocoa, coffee, condiments, confections, desserts, cookies, crackers, chips, dairy free products, dietetic foods, egg free products, ethnic, fiber & energy snacks, flavorings, flour…

Whew. Sorry, ran out of breath there.

We’ll be at booth #1525, sharing what we’ve been cooking up! So come hungry. That said, if you can’t make the trip to the Golden State for tasty, tasty gluten-free fare, here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be offering a taste of:


B… is for Burritos.

Been a fan of our delicious, frozen burritos? Well, we’ve still got your old favorites, but now we have some awesome new flavors as well!

In addition to our delicious, gluten-free stand-by’s – Vegan Bean & Rice, Shredded Beef, Vegetarian Bean & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, and Ground Beef & Potato with cheddar and refried beans – we’ve added 2 new selections from the Lilly B’s line of wholesome, natural burritos: Organic Bean, Rice & Cheese plus Organic Chicken Poblano!

We know what you’re thinking: but Lilly B’s burritos aren’t gluten-free. That’s right! But they *are* made with simple, fresh, 100% organic ingredients, perfect for sharing with your wheat-eating friends and family. Did we mention non-GMO?

We think that makes the perfect pair with our delicious, gluten-free offerings. Something healthful and wholesome for everyone! And – in case you were worried – our celiac-friendly burritos are still made in the same 100% dedicated gluten-free facility they always have been.

(Can you say “best of both worlds”?)


You, You, You Oat To Know-ow.

If you know Glutenfreeda, you know we love oats. Not only are they naturally gluten-free (when handled properly), but they are a whole-grain nutritional powerhouse with the addition of Omega-3 rich flax seed!


In addition to our boxed packets and bulk offerings, our line of Instant Oatmeal Cups are a delicious option for taking your breakfast to-go. And now, we’ve got two new tasty flavors to choose from: Almond-Chocolate-Coconut-Banana, and Crystallized Ginger-Coconut-Almond! To make them even better we’ve made these two new additions with organic, gluten-free oats!

(So delicious. So wholesome.)


Wraps So Good, You Might Call Them “Inspired.”

Actually, that’s exactly what we did. Our brand new line of Inspired Wraps are not only delicious, but each of the 4 creative flavors come bundled in the world’s FIRST gluten-free *and* organic FLOUR tortilla! Seriously, it says so right on the label.

We went out of our way to make the very best tortilla possible, using ingredients with recognizable names, so it tastes the way a tortilla should. Then, we filled ‘em with tasty, organic ingredients like black beans, quinoa, butternut squash, fresh garlic, lentils, sweet potato, apples, spinach, and hormone-free chicken. The list goes on, so it’s best if you just start exploring.

Mole, Mesquite, Fajita and Curry… what more do you need? #WorldFlavors

(Don’t mind if we do.)




The “Bread-iest” Flatbread EVER.


We aren’t kidding. This is not a drill. In addition to classic plain, our frozen, heat-and-serve Artisan Flatbread now comes in a new 2 pack!  Available in Roasted Garlic and our delicious Original/Plain.

We know, we know: it seems impossible that we could improve upon a product that one gluten-free fan described as the only bread “with soul,” but we found a way. Sandwiches to pizzas, these are sure to be a versatile grocery staple everyone will love.

(Just imagine the possibilities.)


Well, if you weren’t hungry already, we’re willing to bet you are now. Remember, if you’re headed to Expo West 2018, be sure to drop by booth #1525 to get an exclusive taste of some of the delicious items above. But, if you’re sticking close to home, try using our Store Locator tool to find a Glutenfreeda retailer near you, or shop online! And if they aren’t carrying the product you’re craving, for ahead and fill out a grocery store request form with your grocery manager. Your hometown gluten-free community will thank you for it.

Cheers, friends!

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