Happy (Gluten) Independence Day!

Posted On: June 15, 2014

Our country has remained the Home of The Free and the Land of The Brave for yet another year, bringing the count to a whopping 238 years. Well done! And while July 4th is one of our favorite firework-laden holidays, there’s more than one kind of independence to be celebrated at this year’s inevitable barbecue: gluten-free living!

So we’re counting down to Independence Day with a few of our favorite celiac-friendly backyard-ready recipes. Join us?

Here we go…

Don’t Over-Think It

If you’re throwing a big to-do at home with a mix of gluten-consuming and gluten-free guests, the desire to please can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! There are a number of things that are not only naturally gluten-free and cook wonderfully on the grill, but are 100% all-American to boot.

First: ditch the buns. Instead of making hamburgers or hotdogs and attempting to buy both gluten-free and regular bread (and desperately hoping there’s no cross-contamination) choose hearty sausages, salmon, steak or kebabs. Woman’s Day put together some delicious kebab recipes that go beyond the expected… like pork, nectarine and scallion. Spicy chimichurri sauce on perfectly marinated flank steaks is also a hot ticket item this summer. What better time to try it?

That said, DO watch out for hidden gluten in some of your favorite barbecue sauces and condiments. Read the labels! Or, if you’d prefer, make your own. This recipe for gluten-free BBQ sauce from Simply Gluten-Free is divine!

All-American Go-To’s

We all know the phrase “as American as apple pie.” Don’t think that your gluten-free soiree need be deprived of this time-honored crowd pleaser! This crumbly French apple pie is guaranteed to be everyone’s new favorite and a buttery crust this good nullifies any potential betrayal of country. After all, we’re talking about STREUSEL here.

If chocolate is more your speed, these moist espresso-fudge brownies from Elana’s Pantry also make the perfect companion for a scoop of oh-so classic vanilla ice cream. Yum! And if you really can’t resist a touch of red, white and blue, don’t miss out on these blueberry cupcakes.

Also, did we mention good ole potato salad is naturally gluten-free? And you don’t even have to rely on the typical mayo-heavy stand-bys. For instance, this yam potato salad is made with olives and Greek yogurt for a pleasant (and low-fat) Mediterranean twist. There’s also this simple yet foodie-friendly deconstructed potato salad with smoky fingerlings. Mm…

Want to make it more of a main dish? Try this salmon asparagus potato salad. It will give you decadent, farmer’s market-themed fever dreams.

Getting Creative

If you choose to eschew the typical munchies in favor of something a little outside the box, these savory and ultra-healthy salt and vinegar kale chips are just the ticket! You can also make a number of favorite summer beverages (both boozy and not) into fun popsicles via a (must-have) Popsicle mold. Check out our previous blog post on refreshing, warm weather treats for plenty of recipes, suggestions and advice on everything from fresh lemonade to alcoholic melon balls.

And – hot tip – don’t overlook corn on the cob. It may seem simple, but these recipes from Better Homes and Gardens prove there’s more than one way to step-up your cob game (spoiler: there are chutneys).

For more delicious dishes guests are sure to love, check out our archive of 5,000 personally-tested recipes right here.

That’s it for now! We hope you have a happy, delicious July 4th. Got recommendations of your own? Leave them in the comments below. Cheers!

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