Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day

Posted On: February 6, 2015

Hey, lovers. Are you ready for a pink, red, and wheat-free Valentine’s Day?

We know you are. We can practically see the tiny, fluttering cupids in your eyes quietly demanding hugs and chocolate. Which, as luck would have it, we’re here to deliver. (The chocolate, not the hugs. Sorry.)

Depending on how you plan on celebrating, whether with your kids, your partner, or me-myself-and-I, we’ve got the perfect, celiac-approved treat ideas to make your day extra sweet.

For Your Partner

There are lots of creative ways to celebrate V-Day (seriously: this and definitely this), but the truth is that it’s hard to go wrong with a thoughtfully prepared meal and some good wine.

Perhaps you would like to make their favorite dish. Or, if you feel like surprising them with a show of culinary skill, try something new. These simple menu suggestions from cover all the bases. And for the chocoholic love in your life, take a peek at this impressive list of allergy-friendly chocolate desserts!

The finishing touch: these Glutenista cocktail recipes.

For Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that might be difficult for little ones since it can be heavily candy focused during class parties or at friends’ houses. As we all know, not all candy (and certainly not cupcakes, ice cream, etc) is created equal. First, if you haven’t already, have a talk with your child about safety (i.e., resisting temptation) and how the potential for being left out might make them feel. We have some great tips on pep-talking like a pro right here!

Then, take a look at this list of verified gluten-free valentine candies. Share the list with your child’s teacher as well. And if you really want to put the icing on top, so to speak, take the time the night before your kiddo’s class celebration to whip up some homemade treats that are safe to eat and great to share. The Food Network compiled a fantastic list of recipe links from some of our favorite chefs and bloggers right here.

Of course, if you would prefer to de-emphasize sweets on an occasion like this (which we completely understand) put a little extra effort into making some special valentines. We love some of the cute ideas and free printables here and here!

For Your Friends

Do you plan on throwing a party or Galentine’s celebration with your closest pals? This can be a fun, platonic occasion to show your appreciation for the array of loved ones in your life! Get together for brunch or over cocktails and exchange cards and treats, just like when you were younger (but with a few adult twists, of course).

If you decide to host and are in the mood to do something special for your guests, check out our post on DIY and gluten-free gift giving! There are creative how-to’s – like making tiny bottles of homemade vanilla extract or potted herb place settings – that are easy, fun, and affordable. Or, if you are the guest and in the market for a larger gift for your host, we covered that too.

While you’re at it, put the finishing touches on your party or gift by printing off a few of these stylish (free!) printable Valentines from Popsugar. They’re heavy on cute, light on corn.

Treat Yourself

There is nothing wrong with declaring yourself your own valentine. Treat it as an evening of me time, a chance to relax and treat yourself to a home cooked meal that you’re normally too busy to prepare. Open that special bottle you’ve been saving. Pop in that movie no one else would go see with you. And just generally high-five yourself for being a gluten-free badass.

Our suggestion goes as follows:

Start with a kale salad with lemon almonds and pecorino cheese. Savor this gorgeous herb-roasted chicken. Then finish with some indulgent flourless chocolate-raspeberry cake. And of course, drink well throughout.

Looking for more recipes? Head to our gigantic (seriously, so big) database of personally tested gluten-free recipes!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.

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