Are Lilly B’s products gluten-free?

The only Lilly B’s products that are not gluten-free are Lilly B’s Bean & Cheese and Pablano Chicken Burritos.  All other legacy Glutenfreeda products and new Lilly B’s products are gloriously gluten-free!

Will all your new products be organic?

We will make every attempt to develop all new products with organics in mind, however, it is not always possible due to availability of organic ingredients.

Is your brand now Glutenfreeda or Lilly B’s?

In 2017, Flagship Food Group acquired Glutenfreeda Foods and the Glutenfreeda brand. Our passion, our mission, our people and our facility remain intact. Our combined focus is to champion the best better for you brand in the marketplace. Our focus will be organic, gluten-free and whenever possible both!

Why do you have organic burritos that are not gluten-free?

We are marketing Lilly B’s Organic Burritos because they are fabulous products, both delicious and good for you. We have also just created the world’s first organic and gluten-free flour tortilla in which we will be wrapping a variety of amazing fillings to satisfy both organic and gluten-free tastes and preferences. Keep tuned in…

Are your products non-GMO?

Almost exclusively YES! Check out our dietary preferences in our ‘Our Foods’ section on our website for easy non-GMO product identification.

I have celiac disease and have enjoyed Glutenfreeda’s products for many years, how do I know that with this expansion of brands, your products will still be safe for me to eat?

Our president, Yvonne Gifford, also has celiac disease and is committed to maintaining the strictest gluten-free standards. You can be assured that our gluten-free foods will always be as safe to eat as always. We have built our business on this promise and consider our customer’s trust irrevocable.

Is your new flour tortilla really organic and gluten-free?

Absolutely YES! Like no other, our new tortilla is soft, holds together beautifully, delicious and indistinguishable from the wheat variety. You must try it to believe it!

Where can I buy your products?

Almost everywhere. Click here to check out our store locator to locate a store near you. Our dry products are also available on for those who prefer shopping online. If you don’t see a store near you, you can download a retailer request form and take it into your store manager. It includes everything they will need to order the product in.

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