Back to School

Posted On: September 22, 2014

It’s that time. New school supplies, new clothes, new classmates, new teachers, new everything! New doesn’t necessarily mean better, but when it comes to lunch and nutrition, there’s always room for improvement.

What are your kids bringing to school for lunch? Is it as healthy as you’d like it to be? Is it making your kids happy? Where’s the balance there?

The way we see it, the importance of health, taste, and convenience is paramount. Not only that, it’s imperative to have those three things work in cohesion. Why? Kids are picky. Their tastes are fickle. And they care about what the other kids think about them.

What Glutenfreeda’s offerings provide is twofold:

1) For celiac children, it gives a sense of normalcy. Pizza wraps? Flatbread sandwiches? Burritos? These are normal, socially-acceptable lunches. There’s no potential for embarrassment there. Not at all. While this may not seem like a huge issue, consider what grade school kids go through if they’re celiac: Constantly turning down food, saying no to class treats, having to explain themselves to teachers, parents and classmates (many of whom have no understanding of what gluten is or what being celiac entails). Having “normal” lunch items that they don’t ever fear having to explain away is undeniably important.
2) For non-celiac children, our products offer a healthy, on-the-go alternative to their gluten-filled counterparts. The items fit right in with other easily transportable foodstuffs. There’s no shame in bringing our pizza wraps, our pocket sandwiches or our burritos to the lunch table. No one will bat an eye, and your child will get a nutritious and filling lunch.

Okay, so maybe your child’s school doesn’t provide a microwave during lunch. We understand. This happens. That’s where our brand-new Glutenfreeda Flatbreads come into play. The versatility of the flatbread is astounding. If you’ve been Gluten-free for an extended period of time, you comprehend the difficulty in finding tasty, affordable bread alternatives. We’re exceedingly proud of our flatbread – its taste, its versatility, everything. With our flatbread, typical, everyday sandwiches are now totally reasonable to make for your child.

One day, maybe it’s toasted flatbread and hummus. Peanut butter and jelly the next day. Turkey melts. Grilled cheese. Anything you want. Flatbread can be that lunch pillar, the keystone that allows it to happen.

Kids are fickle. They want different things. They get tired of food. Claim to love something one day, refuse to eat it the next. The Glutenfreeda Flatbread lets you bob and weave with your children’s ever-changing culinary whims.

And it’s not just lunch where we can help you. Our Pizza Wraps and Burritos are perfect after school snacks. Something simple and delicious they can easily prepare for themselves in the microwave.

Back to School. An exciting, transitory time for you and your little ones. The important sentiment to remember is this: kids have enough to worry about while in school. Their lunch shouldn’t be one of their worries. With planning and flexibility, lunch might just become one of their daily highlights.

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