Organic Meets

This is the story of two great companies with one shared vision who joined forces to share their passion for delicious, wholesome food with you and your family. We’ve combined our love for food and our desire to change the planet one healthy meal at a time into an unstoppable force for good; well actually for better: ‘better for you’. Join our mission and our passion to usher in a new era of delicious with a host of delectable foods; some organic, some gluten-free and wherever possible, both.

Lilly B's Meets Glutenfreeda

In 2015 a new brand, ‘Lilly B’s’ exploded onto the ‘Better For You’ stage with the launch an amazing organic burrito that in just three years has taken the burrito category by storm; becoming the fastest growing organic burrito in the country! Glutenfreeda, an innovator and leader in the gluten-free burrito category was a perfect brand fit and the subsequent marriage of these two great brands results in the best of both worlds.

In 2016 Glutenfreeda joined together with Lilly B’s to create the best tasting better for you foods in the industry.

Has Arrived

Over the next several months, you will see the Lilly B’s logo added to Glutenfreeda’s existing portfolio of products. Rest assured, there will be no change in our commitment and dedication to the highest standard in the industry that we have set for our gluten-free customers. The Glutenfreeda logo you have come to trust will be prominent on all our gluten-free foods.

On Trend Innovation

The best is yet to come with an exciting line up of new products scheduled to launch in 2018. We are extremely excited to announce that many of these foods will be organic and gluten-free! These new foods will carry the Lilly B’s brand but will clearly retain the Glutenfreeda logo to assure you that they meet the same strict standards (less than 5ppm gluten) that they always have.

Lilly B's Glutenfreeda