A Great, Green (Gluten-Free) St. Patrick’s Day

Posted On: February 28, 2014

A Great, Green (Gluten-Free) St. Patrick’s Day

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! That hallowed time to gather family and friends, wear your most festive shamrock-covered attire, exchange bawdy limericks, and ingest as many green-themed bites and beverages as you can possibly get your leprechaun-loving hands on.

But how to go about it entirely gluten-free? Traditional St. Patty’s Day fare poses more than a few challenges for those with luck o’ the celiac. Irish soda bread! Four-leaf clover shaped sweets! And – of course – beer! What’s a gluten-intolerant lad or lass to do?

Rather than silently shedding a tear every time a Guinness commercial comes on, follow us down the proverbial yellow… er, green… brick road to a blissfully intestine-pleasing Patty’s Day party.

Gluten-Free Beer

As many of us well know, while drinking beer on St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a requirement, it is certainly a prominent feature of many a luck-laden celebration. Whether you hit the parade or party at home, it’d be nice if you could join in the toasting with a gluten-free option that doesn’t taste a lot like licking the Blarney Stone (disclaimer: we have never actually licked the Blarney Stone and apologize if we offend any Blarney Stone enthusiasts).

These seven beers are the best of the best as chosen by some of our favorite gluten-free experts. Bon Appétit also compiled a list of ten gluten-free beers that actually taste good for your cross-referencing pleasure.

Of course, if you’re feeling really, really on top of your St. Patty’s Day game there’s another option…

Brewing Your Own Beer At Home

That’s right! You can take the reins and create your own gluten-free home brew. It’s a project that requires advance preparation, but we promise it’s not as daunting as it sounds. If you have some prior experience with brewing or distilling and want to get completely hands-on, Brew Magazine breaks down the step-by-step basics of gluten-free brewing here.

Of course if you’re a part of the majority of folks scratching their heads and asking “what’s this brew-at-home business?” then there’s an easier way: a kit! There are several budget-friendly options to choose from:

  1. Bard’s Homebrew Extract Beer Kit from Midwest Supplies
  2. Gluten-Free Beer Kits from More Beer!
  3. Craft A Brew Gluten-Free Beer Making Kit from Williams-Sonoma

Now that you have your brew of choice in hand, it’s time to pair it with some gourmet green bites!

St. Patrick’s Day Dishes

We’ll start by saying that, as luck would have it, that time-honored Irish favorite the potato is versatile, delicious and divinely gluten-free. Make your favorite gluten-free potato dish with a little festive food coloring. Or try making some traditional Irish Colcannon. It’s full of fresh potatoes, kale and scallions… plus, it pairs perfectly with a cold gluten-free beer.

If starch isn’t your style, Gluten-Free Goddess has a pretty impressive array of St. Patrick’s Day recipes to choose from (like orange scented soda bread and split pea soup) that are healthy AND delish. We also love the tasty selection of recipes over at Elana’s Pantry. Ginger cilantro green shake? Yes, please.

That said, as great as a healthy twist on Irish fare can be, we’re never too good to indulge our sweet tooth. This gluten-free chocolate hazelnut torte with custard sauce is just the thing! Add a little green coloring to the custard for festive flair.

So go forth, hungry lads and lasses! Don your greenest gear, grab your biggest shamrock and raise a frosty, frothy glass of green (gluten-free) beer: St. Patty’s Day is (nearly) here!

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