closeup of burrito

Made with

  • Pinto Beans
  • Brown Rice
  • Cheddar Cheese

Lilly's smiling face

“If it doesn’t taste great,
it doesn’t matter how good
it is for you!”

Mealtime Moments

Family sitting at the dinner table

It’s a perfect time to grill Lilly B’s burritos over a campfire. Remember to put safety first when there’s an open flame, and always have water close by if needed.

About Us

In 2015 a new brand, ‘Lilly B’s’ buzzed onto the ‘Better For You’ stage with the launch of an amazing organic burrito that in its first three years took the burrito category by storm; becoming the fastest growing organic burrito in the country!

What’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner? How about a great tasting organic burrito that even your children will love. Not too spicy, not too complicated, just fresh, wholesome goodness wrapped in an organic tortilla, clean and simple. We hope you love our burritos as much as we do!