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Organic Gluten-Free Crystalized Ginger Coconut Almond Pineapple Instant Oatmeal Cup

Take a bite, close your eyes and savor the taste of this hearty breakfast. The unique avors of crystallized ginger paired with coconut, pineapple and almonds will transform your morning oatmeal into a breakfast sensation! Get all the heart-healthy attributes of organic gluten-free oatmeal including high ber and a good source of iron while savoring these truly inspired avors. This delicious oatmeal takes ‘better for you’ to a new level. Start your day off the healthy way, the Lilly B’s way.

Includes 5 Superfoods!
Oats, Coconut, Almonds, Pineapple, Flax

Nutrition Facts

Certified gluten-free organic oats, coconut, almond, brown cane sugar, pineapple (pineapple, sugar, citric acid, sulfur dioxide), crystallized ginger (ginger, sugar), ground flax and sea salt.


Cooking Instructions


  1. Remove both lid and seal.
  2. Add boiling water to ll line on outside of cup, stir.
  3. Let stand until desired consistency, stir and enjoy!


  1. Remove lid and plastic seal.
  2. Add water to ll line (2/3-3/4 cup) and stir.
  3. DO NOT COVER. Microwave on high for 45 to 60 seconds 4. Stir & enjoy!

Adjust water for desired thickness.

Elizabeth H.

“Great! My daughter loved it. Each flavor is creamy and very easy for those busy mornings. I recommend this product…”


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